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Create a Custom Size Harness

11th Jan 2019
Create a Custom Size Harness
Introducing our made-to-measure service - Custom Sized Products!

We all know how frustrating it is when something fits perfect in one place but its not quite right in others.  Our new made-to-measure service allows you to get the perfect fit in all areas on your H Style, X Style, Y Style and 8 Style Harnesses.

Follow our easy step-by-step measurement guide and our team will create your very own tailored harness at no extra cost.  Look good on the dance floor every time with StongPup!

Its easy!  When making your order, simply choose Custom Size and after completing your order, follow the links and guide on the order information page.  All you need is a tape measure and well do the rest.  Don't forget our friendly team are always on hand if you have any question, just use our online chat to speak to a StrongPup.

Your order will be created and dispatched at the same rate as ordering other regular sizes.  Well also save your measurements for the next time you order the same style product with StrongPup.

UV Switch with Neon Paints and Neon Threads

8th Jan 2019
UV Switch with Neon Paints and Neon Threads
We're all excited at StrongPup HQ to launch our cool new range of harnesses with Neon Paint and 4 new neon threads.  Whoever thought of the UV light needs knighting!  Whether its the next UV themed party you're attending or you're hitting the dancefloor at the weekend, you’re guaranteed to look StrongPup good.

Hit the UV switch within our product photo gallery to see how it looks under ultraviolet light.  You can change the thread colour to get the style you’re looking for by using the other buttons in the photo gallery.  Not all threads are UV reactive so if you want this effect on your harness, use the UV switch to select a thread that glows.

Our UV reactive neon paint is applied to high clarity 2mm smooth clear PVC strips to create your harness in your chosen H Style, X Style, Y Style and 8 Style.

We apply the neon paint in random brush strokes, mixing colour order, stroke size and intensity.  The result gives a stylish, eye-catching product that's sure to catch people's attention!

Read more on our premium neon paint or thick commercial thread and have a play with the new UV Switch button to find a look that's perfect for you!

Chain and Chain Sleeve Harnesses

4th Jan 2019
Chain and Chain Sleeve Harnesses
We've sourced a high grade premium and chunky 6mm straight link chain to create our chain harnesses and to give the extra touch there's an attractive selection of colourful sleeves!  The mild steel chain is plated in zinc to give it a super smooth finish and bright shine.

The chain is used to make H Style, X Style, Y Style and 8 Style Harnesses and we've made the colourful chain sleeves optional so you can choose a sleeve or go bare.</p>

There's ten different colour options that are applied directly to the chain, giving it a smooth finish and keeping hold of the chain effect.

Head to our chain range and if you choose a product with a sleeve, click on the sleeve button in the photo gallery to choose your colour.  There's a colour for every party!

Read more on our thick chain and colourful chain sleeve and find a chain harness perfect for you in the shop!

200 Combinations of Leather and Thread

1st Jan 2019
200 Combinations of Leather and Thread
Introducing our new range of 8 beautiful premium leather colours and 25 extra thick industrial thread colours!

These two options give a massive 200 possible combinations! Our leather and thread comes together in our range of leather harnesses available in H Style, X Style, Y Style and 8 Style giving you even more choice to find a combination that's perfect to add to your wardrobe!

When you view our leather products, the product photo gallery will have a Leather button at the bottom of the image for you to cycle through the leather colours and choose an option perfect for you.  A similar Thread button does the same thing for our thread colours, allowing you to see the colour combinations come to life on our models!

Our premium leather has been carefully selected from a vast range of thicknesses and sources.  We have chosen to use a 3mm thick fully dyed full grain cowhide, cutting no corners to bring you a high quality product that will last the test of time.  The leather is delivered to us in full sheets and we lovingly cut each strip ourselves in-house.

Read more on our premium leather or industrial thread and find a colour combination perfect for you in the shop!
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