T Shirt : Cum In Me Bro

£25 + Postage & Packaging
and£10 offeach additional T Shirt

Live life on the scene with our stand out slogans!  T-Shirts that turn heads and slogans to suit all.  StrongPup use premium quality T-Shirts made from 100% cotton, which are strong and durable in all the right places.  Roll up the sleeves, chop the sleeves to make a vest, or roll up and pin the bottom to make a crop top! Whether youre a Dom Top or embracing your submissive side, choose from our most popular T-Shirt designs or ~contact-us~Contact Us~ to discuss creating your own!

This StrongPup product is adjustable in places (see photo) so if your body shape changes over time, the product can change too and maintain a snug fit.

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