Tinted PVC

Rubber & Tinted PVC 8 Style Harness

£55 + Postage & Packaging

The Rubber & Tinted PVC 8 Style Harness by StrongPup brings together the gorgeous feel of rubber with the comfort and shine of PVC to create a stylish quality harness thats built to last.

The 8 Style Harness design brings simplicity and a bold look to your fetish wear.  A central O ring sits comfortably on your back with two straps going around each shoulder creating a stylish back-pack look on the front.  The straps balance each other which keeps the O ring centred and creating a snug fit.

StrongPup PVC is smooth and flexible, giving great affordable style and comfort.  The strips are cut by hand in-house to maintain precision and high standards.

StrongPup Rubber is sourced in the UK, cut by hand in-house and a generous 3mm in thickness.  Rubber has a semi-gloss finish and that gorgeous rubber smell.

This StrongPup product is adjustable in places (see photo) so if your body shape changes over time, the product can change too and maintain a snug fit.

This StrongPup product has metalic clips (see photo) to easily get in and out.  These are optional and some customers prefer the product to be made without the clips to add more strength to the straps.  When ordering you must choose whether to include clips or not in the production of this product.

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