Rubber H Style Harness

£70 + Postage & Packaging

The Rubber H Style Harness by StrongPup brings the gorgeous feel of rubber to create a stylish quality harness thats built to last.

The H Style harness design is a classic and a must-have in any wardrobe!  The central strap across the chest holds two O rings in place with straps over and under the shoulder to give a secure feel.  The reverse carries the same H style design with a central strap across the back.

StrongPup Rubber is sourced in the UK, cut by hand in-house and a generous 3mm in thickness.  Rubber has a semi-gloss finish and that gorgeous rubber smell.

This StrongPup product is adjustable in places (see photo) so if your body shape changes over time, the product can change too and maintain a snug fit.

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