Leather Braces

£49 + Postage & Packaging

The Leather Braces by StrongPup offer the quality and durability of premium cowhide leather, creating stylish and strong braces that are built to last.

Braces can be worn over a shirt for a smart stylish look or on bare skin for the more adventurous nights out!  An O ring sits on the upper back with two straps running up and over the shoulders and a third strap running down the back.  Each strap has clips to connect to trousers, underwear or a belt at the waistline.

StrongPup Leather has been carefully selected from one of the largest UK leather wholesalers to give a premium quality and finish.  The 3mm thick, fully-dyed, cowhide sheets are lovingly cut in-house, and the semi-gloss, slightly waxy finish gives a silk shimmer which looks great in the light.  The newly-cut virgin leather has a stiff feel to it and will soften as you wear it - this is perfectly natural and the strength will remain.

This StrongPup product is adjustable in places (see photo) so if your body shape changes over time, the product can change too and maintain a snug fit.

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