Customise Your Harness

StrongPup was created in 2018 for those exploring their sexuality, fetishes and desires.  Bringing their sexual interest to life, from day to day products to night events.  First began exploring the leather fetish scene, then began our production of harnesses.  Being a student who studied psychology and criminology, the different scenes of exploring sexuality interested me.

The interest began to become research and the research later began a hobby, attending different events where you could explore these sexual fetishes, then later beginning to work in a fetish club.   Pride and fetish events, I began to explore my creative side by making my own fetish wear.   Which took the attention of others, which later lead to being contacted directly by random individuals interested in purchasing my products.

In 2019 began the journey of creating the website to make my business idea to come true.  Within my research I explored how fetishes was expressed within the gay community when being identified as gay was Illegal.  Which the colour system of the hanky code, began to interest me. The hanky code allowed gay male’s seeking specific sex partners with similar interest.  Knowing this information allowed me to express my research in my products, showing support and pride towards the fetish culture while brining all fetishes to life under one roof.

Customise Your Harness

I take pride in all my products when producing, ensuring the best quality of materials.  All our harnesses are made to order to ensure you can enjoy the product at the best possible standard.  We make it possible so you can enjoy a unique harness tailored to you, from the colour, design or text of the straps.  With over 4 different materials and numerous of colours to choose from, we make it easy for you.

Contact us for more information on regards to making a unique harness made for you.


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