Custom Size the X Style Harness

Use a fabric tape measure to measure your body and grab a friend to help.  Choose to work in either centimetres or inches when you enter your measurements after purchasing.

The image has yellow dots    that show where the tape measure starts and finishes, and a coloured line for each measurement that shows the path the tape measure should take.  Try to be as accurate as possible for the best fit.

Measurements needed for the X Style Harness

The table below describes the measurements in the image.

Starts in the middle of the upper chest, goes up over the shoulder and down to the middle of the upper back.
Starts in the middle of the upper chest, goes down under the shoulder and up to the middle of the upper back.
Standard Sizes 
SChest size
88 to 95 cm
MChest size
96 to 102 cm
LChest size
103 to 110 cm
X LChest size
111 to 118 cm
X X LChest size
119 to 125 cm
X X X LChest size
126 to 133 cm
44 cm45 cm47 cm48 cm50 cm51 cm
47 cm52 cm57 cm62 cm67 cm72 cm
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