Chain Sleeve

Chain & Sleeve X Style Harness

£50 + Postage & Packaging

The Chain & Sleeve X Style Harness by StrongPup brings together the incredible strength and style of industrial chain with the comfort and colour of chain sleeve to create a quality harness thats built to last.

The X Style Harness design brings a bold new look to your fetish collection with large O rings as focal points on the front and back.  The over and under shoulder straps create a comfortable and symmetrical fit, connecting the O rings and keeping them centred.

StrongPup Straight Link Chain gives incredible strength with a high-fashion shine.  The 6mm thick mild steel welded chain has been zinc plated to give a great finish and solid feel.  Normally used in the commercial and industrial sectors, this premium chain has been lifted into fetish wear to create stylish, eye-catching designs.

StrongPup Chain Sleeve adds colour and comfort with a high quality heat shrunk application to the chain.  The heat shrinking process ensures the sleeve does not slip or move along the chain.

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